My wife’s birthday was Saturday and we celebrated with dinner and a movie.  Spiderman Homecoming was the choice. One of the things I enjoyed about the movie was that it showed the things you don’t always think about when watching a super hero movie.  How do they clean up the mess after a huge battle and how does the super hero learn to use their powers.  This movie touched on both of these subjects.  Provided for what I thought was an interesting story.

So today I am thankful for having the opportunity to learn.  Whether it be a new web technology, the meaning of the word quai, or whatever.

(short post, almost forgot to do it, but I’m trying to be consistent)


So, I’ve restarted my blog as you can tell from that post from two weeks ago.  I am working to get myself back on track with my projects using the GTD method.  I’m already seeing the benefits.  If you are not familiar with GTD then I encourage you to check it out.  The biggest thing I get out of it is not having loose ideas floating around my head and distracting me.  Using GTD I put all my tasks and ideas into a system that I review.  If I know a task needs my attention but not now, I can defer it and not worry about it when it creeps back into my memory.

This blog was started to document my adventure in attempting to create a board game.  With GTD I hope to get back on track.  However this blog will take the occasional detour when something shiny comes up.

I also want to start ending each blog with a thanksgiving.  A recognition of things I am thankful for.  Today I’m thinking of my kids.  We celebrated my wife’s birthday this weekend and all of the kids were in town Saturday evening.  So we fired up the fire pit and tiki torches, drug out the hot dogs and s’mores, and had a great time.  I am thankful that we all get along and enjoy doing things like this.

Over the past year I’ve been slowing working through our collection of home video tapes and converting them to digital for easier viewing and long term storage. For the old VHS and VHS-C tapes I made use of the Diamond VC500.  It did a great job.  It could not detect when the tape had finished so you had to keep an eye on things to prevent having a huge capture file full of blue screen nothingness.

For the DV tapes from my Canon Elura80 it was much easier. I had to add a firewire card to my server since that is what the camera used.  For software I started with LifeFlix.  It had the ability to set a time value that would merge video segments that were back-to-back by that time amount.  However, the software did not like the Elura80 and would not work.  LifeFlix worked with me but was unable to find a resolution and stood behind their money back guarantee.  I then moved to WinDV which was a free tool.  The nice thing about DV is that is already digital and it would create files that were already time stamped which greatly helped with organizing.

I captured my last tape a couple of weeks ago, the Saturday I go to see how much space was being used by the capture files and the drive said it needed to be formatted to be used.  The partition information had disappeared.  I groaned but didn’t panic.  At least I still had the tapes and could repeat the captures.  After some Googling I found that this issue was typically easy to recover from.  I downloaded EaseUS Data Recovery software and let it go to town.  It found my video files and let me select which ones to recover.  They charge $69 but very much worth it.

I now have a 6TB backup drive ordered and will be installing Acronis True Image to do full backups.  Next step is a second backup drive so I can have one (somewhat) offsite should my home server get stepped on by a dinosaur.


Have you ever opened a drawer or cabinet and found one of those power adapters?  The kind that is the little black cube with the power cord tail?  I’m sure you have.  And have you then ever wondered what device it mates with?  Well this little hack may save your sanity in the future.

What I like to do, as soon as I get one of these power cubes, is get my label maker and tag with an identifying name.  So now it reads Netgear Router and Car DVD Player.