When my daughter is home for a weekend, she and my wife will inevitably play Yahtzee.  During the Summer of 2013 I was getting into board game design, so I got the idea to create a custom Yahtzee game as a Christmas gift for my wife.


First up were the dice.  We have four children so it worked out great.  I purchased d6 dice with indented faces that would accept stickers. I found humorous head shots of all of us and printed the 30 stickers, 5 dice X 6 sides.  Then came the tedious process of getting the stickers in place.  The results weren’t too bad.

custom fordzee score sheet

Next up was the scoresheet.  Using Photoshop, I replaced all the die images with the head shots.  Then added a few special bonuses based upon family features.


For the packaging I purchased a round cardboard craft box from Hobby Lobby.  Then gave it a sparkly purple paint job and painted the inside white.


I then purchased a dice cup and added a green felt/foam liner to the lid so it could double as a dice tray.


For the final touch, I created a graphic insert to give it a faux professional look.

Couple of final thoughts.

  1. Should have used an ink jet to print the die stickers.  The laser printing is flecking off in places.
  2. The head shots added a new dynamic to the game.  For example, a player has rolled four of one person and they just need one more for a Yahtzee Fordzee.  If they roll someone else on that last roll, then amazingly, that someone is responsible for the player not getting the Fordzee.


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