So I try to do a little running every week.  It’s a good way to bust stress and get some cardio time.  A few things I’ve learned have made running a much more pleasurable experience.

  • Shoes – Invest in a great pair of shoes.  This can’t be emphasized enough.  They will help prevent injury which can put your running on hold indefinitely.
  • Clothing – Buy technical apparel. Shirts, shorts, and socks should all be the wicking material.  It makes such a difference not having a heavy cotton t-shirt weighing you down and sticking to your skin when you sweat.
  • Music – iPhone with iBooks or Spotify depending if I want a story or music.  I used to carry the phone in an armband case but recently moved to a Go belt and it’s wonderful.  The belt does not bounce around and it does not feel tight or binding.  It can also store my car key so it doesn’t jostle in my pocket.  I did use a Motorola S10-HD BlueTooth headset keeps cables from getting tangled with my arms.  It worked great but I’ve now moved to the Jaybird X2 Sport.  The Motorola is still superior in a couple of areas, but the Jaybirds are so light.
  • Tracking App – I use RunKeeper on my iPhone to report my pace and distance, track my routes, and collect stats.  This is in no way necessary for running, but it satisfies my inner geek.
  • Lip Balm – During dryer months it really helps keep the lips moist so you do not have to interrupt your breathing.
  • Gloves – my hands get cold for some reason so I always keep a pair close.
  • Water – Carry it if you need to, but be sure to have some when you finish.  Always stay hydrated.
  • Towel – If you have to drive after a run, it helps keep sweat off your steering wheel and seat.


What is on your list that didn’t make mine?


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