This is not software that generates board games, but rather software that helps me in that endeavor.  Many of the tools work on my iPhone so I can use them wherever and idea may appear.

Captio – runs on my iPhone and sits in my button home row, when I tap it, an editor appears where I can type or add a photo, when I hit send it sends the text and/or photo to a configurable email address.  I have mine go to my inbox, my Evernote, and to my Omnifocus todo manager.  link

Evernote – When I find an interesting web page or blog post, or any tidbit of information that I might use later, I stuff it into Evernote.  You can also take a photo of a whiteboard where you’ve been working, and it can OCR the information into searchable text.  I use the app on my MacBookPro, iPad, iPhone, and via the web.  link

Mind Meister – Online collaborative mind mapping tool is great for just dumping ideas for a project and getting them organized.  It’s amazing how one idea can lead to another when using this tool.  This is a web based tool.  link

Photoshop – Card mockups, etc.  link – Although not technically software, it is an invaluable tool for all things board game related.  link



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