This is how I get things done. A co-worker (@codelemur) at DealNews did this recently and it seemed like a great idea.

  • Web Devevelopment
    • PhpStorm – a nice IDE that supports php, HTML, and Javascript.
    • Sequel Pro – PhpStorm now has DataGrip, which I’m using as my database tool.
    • FireBug – the developer tools in Chrome have replaced this for me.
    • XAMPP – apache, php, MySQL running on my MacBookPro.
  • Productivity
    • Evernote – any time I encounter useful information or the answer to a question, I try to capture it here.
    • Evernote Web Clipper – great for snagging content from the web that I want to read or reference later. ┬áIt has the ability to clip just the main content of the article without ads, menus, etc.
    • Omnifocus – my todo list for Getting Things Done (GTD)
    • Captio – capture quick notes on my phone and get them into email and Omnifocus automatically.
    • Mind Meister – online, collaborative mind mapping tool.
    • 1Password – all my secrets.

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